Lessons from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was the world’s best-selling video game release of 2018. The web has since been flooded with guides, advice, tips, opinions, debates, screengrabs, videos, articles, blogs and vlogs. Some of it has actually been positive. Despite your level of gameplay, there’s something for everyone in the unique list of tips outlined below.

Get angry

Chances are you’re better than all the other players in any game of CoD:BO4 that you spawn into, so if things aren’t going your way it is obviously annoying. Make sure you get as angry about this as your real-life health will allow. Being frustrated and furious will make you a much better player. Take your emotions out on anything within reach and recognise that it is all part of growing into a better player, and a better person.

Most players aren’t the best. (Credit: Dad Downunder PS4)

Make excuses

If you have maxed out your anger it is time to start making some excuses. Common excuses for being killed in online games include the servers, the connection, the game cheating and other players being unethical. However, here’s some additional excuses you may not have considered; your internet service provider, the wireless controller’s Bluetooth connectivity, the TV’s refresh rate, your cat, your children, your diet, your landlord, your parents and even your HDMI cable quality. But never yourself. It’s not your fault.

Use the biggest Scorestreaks

Considering how skillful and experienced you are, be sure to select only the biggest and most expensive Scorestreaks that you have available to you. You should already be angry and full of excuses so you will be very difficult to kill, so don’t waste your superiority on a RC-XD or boring UAV for your teammates. No doubt, in no time you will be calling in that Attack Chopper or Gunship to help flex your muscles and prove your huge penis size. 

Activate your Specialist Weapon in a crowd

Whichever Specialist you choose they will have an awesome and powerful ability or equipment to give you the upper hand that you deserve. Be sure to make the most of using these game-changing power-ups by activating them when you are surrounded by enemies. Battery’s War Machine, Seraph’s Annihilator, Prophet’s Tempest and Firebreak’s Purifier Flame Thrower should all be loaded up when you are in the most danger of dying. 

Ignore the objectives

Regardless of the game mode you are playing, your primary focus should always be getting kills and building up that K:D ratio. This is a Call of Dutytradition that should never be forgotten.

Ignore the Mini Map

With your focus on kills do not allow your gaze to be distracted from the main screen. The mini map is just a bunch of lines and dots designed by Treyarch and illegal immigrants to distract you from your primary objective, your K:D ratio.

Stick to the middle of the Map

Skirting the outer limits of the map is for weak players and campers. Real heroes prove themselves by willingly placing themselves in as much 360-degree danger as possible. Only when vulnerable can you fluke your way to earning the respect of your teammates and enemies alike.

Sprint through open spaces

All maps have areas that need to be navigated without cover or cloaking darkness. Minimise the amount of time you spend in the open by always using the sprint button. If you do happen to be taken down during such a time, refer to tips one and two. There is nothing more frustrating than a cheating opponent that happens to spot you at the wrong time, right when you’re sprinting AND your internet connection fails you.

Follow my proven tips and you’ll be watching loads of other players getting the best play each time you play… but they don’t deserve it. (Credit: Dad Downunder PS4)

Separate from your Teammates

This tip is obvious. Why would you hang around with teammates who will steal your kills and cramp your movement when you could run rogue solo and carry the team’s result on your own shoulders? If you find that there are particular team members that follow you, simply get angry (see tip one), rage quit and load a new game with better, less social allies.

Hold the trigger down

There’s nothing worse than getting two or three hit markers flash up on your screen and not getting the kill. Make sure you fill up your enemies with as many bullets as possible, every chance you get. The added bonus being that the recoil might run the sight up their body, resulting in an unexpected (but completely well-earned) headshot.

Dance everywhere and spray paint everything

Probably the most original and most popular new features of Fortnite, I mean Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are the graffiti tagging and dance move capabilities of the hard-nosed, warrior-like, war-hardened Specialists. You might not even know about these new additions to the game because you won’t see others using them, bloody Noobs!

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