About Downunder Dad

We all say that we want to try new things.

Well, now that I am in my forties (shudder) I am giving everything a crack.

Downunder Dad is a simple archiving of life lessons as I learn them. Rather than keeping them to myself I hope that sharing the knowledge, good and bad, will help and interest others.

If you have ever considered trying something new for yourself, let me know. I love fresh ideas, I will dive right in and write about it afterwards. Consider it a FREE head start.

We all want to learn and improve. We all make mistakes. We all have wins. I was keen to see what it would look like if I started writing all of mine down. ALL of them.

Downunder Dad is a journey of personal trial and error… documented & shared.

Engage, Entertain, Educate, Evolve – Thanks for reading 🙂

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